After over two years of development and seven years after launching Kirby 1, we are back with our biggest release to date…

Woohoo, finally. Kirby is my CMS of choice and I try to use it for almost every project. The version 3 brings is not only a rewrite, but also some useful new features:

  • a new panel, written in vue.js (woooohoo, again)
  • more panel fields options
  • Drafts & custom publishing workflows
  • a new plugin system (btw, do you already know this page?)
  • and the most important part, at least for me: ... REST API and Headless Browser

    Kirby 3 has a built in REST API. You can comfortably create and edit your content in the Panel, and then consume your content in SPAs, mobile applications or static site generators.

With this release I will probably be able to tick off a long open todo point for the Kirby directory. Use Kirby 3 as backend.

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