Two front-end developers are sitting at a bar. They have nothing to talk about.

This is a topic that affects every frontend developer. As a freelance developer, I deal with requests on a weekly basis, mostly from recruiters.
If you sort out all messages that are based on Java, hybris, or other technologies I've never heard of, there are only two types of requests left.

A frontend developer for HTML, CSS (or SCSS, Less, or similar). With UX experience. Some Javascript.
A frontend developer for React / Vue.js / Whatever. Some Redux / Vuex / Whatever. And some UX.

This was a creeping process. At a conference a few years ago I talked to someone who now calls himself a "classic frontend developer". But this implies for me that a "classic" developer is less and less needed, maybe even on a par with a book printer (compared to machine production). And I don't believe that.

Nevertheless, this conversation and the abundance of requests for "modern frontend developers" was one of the things I finally wanted to do more with Javascript frameworks. I even enjoy it. But I wouldn't call this work frontend development anymore, because it includes so much more than UI customization and optimization.

I think we need to move away from the term myself. We should split into UX Engineers and JavaScript Engineers. They are different mindsets. Most people are not amazing at both JavaScript and CSS. Let UX Engineers work closely with UX/Design to create great designs, interactions, prototypes, etc. and let JavaScript Engineers handle all the data parts.

But ... I think I'll save the topic for a blog entry.

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