VueCamp 2019 - Berlin

Last weekend I took part in the VueCamp in Berlin. The VueCamp is an event organized as a BarCamp, i.e. all contributions, discussions and talks come from the participants themselves. And my first impression - that worked very well.

For about two years now - after a short trip into the React world - I've been working almost exclusively with Vue. Reasons why I use Vue.js and not React or Angular are many - but the most important for me are the accessibility, the implementation and the community. And I could probably write a book about each of these points now - but let's leave that alone.

As usual with a BarCamp, the functionality of a camp is initially explained: Everybody is sitting in one room and everybody has the possibility to present his talk idea, discussion or question. Afterwards, the audience is listened to the interest and a room and a timeslot are allocated accordingly.

This resulted in some interesting talks and discussions. So many that it was a pity that I had to choose between up to four interesting timeslots.

What did I see?

First a note - unlike usual I didn't write much or take many photos this time. That led to the fact that I can summarize information here only briefly and I have partly also no more names and / or Twitter Handles. So if I misrepresent something, please write to me and I will gladly adapt it.

"Development, UX, 100% Customization with Storefront-UI" is a pretty good topic. Presented by Przemek (Core Member of Vue-Storefront and Storefront-UI) there was an insight into Storefront UI and how to customize it. Interestingly, an Atomic design approach is used here, so it was very interesting for me.
Storefront UI is not released yet, but that will change soon.

The next talk I listened to was about E2E testing with Cypress. I already had some experience with Cypress, but it was still interesting to have the strengths shown again.

Two more interesting slots - both by Alexander Lichter- followed. On the one hand an AMA about Nuxt.js and a presentation about Tailwind CSS.
With Nuxt.js I have so far only few experiences, therefore I sat rather only as a listener in the round. Tailwind I found very interesting. It was recommended to me already often and after I have seen it now times in action I can quite imagine to write more Utility CSS in the future.

Even though I don't develop native apps, I listened to the demo about NativeScript and Vue. Here it was shown how easy it is to develop a native app for Android and iOS. In fact, I'm now playing with the idea of dealing with NativeScript myself. Well - Only the idea is missing.
The prasentator (unfortunately I didn't get the name) pointed out that you should start with iOS, because NativeScript and iOS can cause problems. If it works on an iPhone, Android will rarely cause problems afterwards. And even if he only uses Android and Linux - he only works with MacOS while developing with NativeScript.

Update: His name is Robert Keller. Still no Twitter Handle, though.
Update 2: I got a tip from Milan that it was this one

At the end of the first day I took part in a discussion about remote working. There were many opinions on the topic, tips for better remote working, as well as advantages and disadvantages. I'm not sure what I could take away from this discussion at the end, but nice to see that some people can live the remote dream.

The next day began with an experiment. Gather 8 people, divide them into two groups and give a user story and a box of Lego.
The question from this experiment: "As a member i want to change my opening times".
This slot was unfortunately very full and there were only limited places. Nevertheless I was able to take something with me as a viewer. Perhaps most interesting for me - how does a group of strangers behave with a problem and an abstract solution?

And then there was a presentation about VuePress. A versatile static site generator, similar to Gatsby. Excellent as CMS, for blogs, galleries or documentations. The only problem - the talk creator was not on site and it was presented by a friend of her. Unfortunately, some context information was probably lost here. Nevertheless - it could be that I will move this site to a VuePress installation soon.

The last presentation was a talk about Vue-States. Johannes Lamberts encountered some problems during the implementation of Vuex and therefore built his own state management and presented it at the VueCamp. And - I want to emphasize this here - he managed to demonstrate a problem-free live coding AND to provide knowledge about it. Unfortunately you don't experience this very often.
Will I use Vue-State? Probably not - I probably won't run into the limitations Johannes had that fast. Nevertheless very interesting and you should definitely have a look at the repo if you are looking for a Vuex alternative.

Closing Thoughts

  • The location - central in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - in the GLS Forum was excellent. There were enough rooms and even the catering was good. And most important - there was enough coffee.
  • I got to know a lot of people - an advantage if you go alone to a camp or conference.
  • The obligatory conference shirt is really pretty this time and there is even a chance to really wear it - and not just as a pajamas replacement.
  • The camp meeting at the Soda-Club at the end of the first day brought great conversations over beer and cocktails (though I don't recommend starting a discussion about Rum-Cola).

At the end, feedback was also explicitly asked for - both good and bad.

  • The jobboard was unfortunately very hidden and was therefore hardly used.
  • The talk pitches were very tight and led to the fact that I had completely wrong expectations in a talk.
  • The breaks could have been a bit longer.
  • The marketing in the preliminary stages was unfortunately (as it was also said at the end of some) not good. With a little more advertising the estimated 100-120 visitors could have been twice as many. (that's also the reason why I write something in this blog again after a long time).

In retrospect I regret not having prepared anything this time - the atmosphere in the individual slots was very inviting. That's why I was present rather passively, but at least I was able to concentrate on the presentations.

Should this event take place again next year, I would come again.

Thanks to Marco and Hauke for organizing and moderating this camp.

Btw. I have decided to write more in English. Not everything will be correct. Probably I will have described some things completely wrong.
But that is the sense and purpose. Learning and improving. So don't hesitate to point out my mistakes.

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