Ich bin ein Frontend & UI Entwickler aus Bremen. Hier schreibe ich Artikel über Webentwicklung, Design, Software, Workflows und was mich sonst beschäftigt.

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Introducing Kirby 3

getkirby.com / Direktlink

After over two years of development and seven years after launching Kirby 1, we are back with our biggest release to date…

Woohoo, finally. Kirby is my CMS of choice and I try to use it for almost every project. The version 3 brings is not only a rewrite, but also some useful new features:

  • a new panel, written in vue.js (woooohoo, again)
  • more panel fields options
  • Drafts & custom publishing workflows
  • a new plugin system (btw, do you already know this page?)
  • and the most important part, at least for me: ... REST API and Headless Browser

    Kirby 3 has a built in REST API. You can comfortably create and edit your content in the Panel, and then consume your content in SPAs, mobile applications or static site generators.

With this release I will probably be able to tick off a long open todo point for the Kirby directory. Use Kirby 3 as backend.

The React Handbook

medium.freecodecamp.org / Direktlink

The React Handbook follows the 80/20 rule: learn in 20% of the time the 80% of a topic. I find this approach gives a well-rounded overview. This book does not try to cover everything under the sun related to React, but it should give you the basic building blocks to get out there and become a great React developer.

In case anyone wants to get into React, Flavio has written a great post on Freecodecamp. He covers basics as well as advanced topics.
I'm more of a fan of Vue.js, but it will certainly be useful for me at some point.

Git Command Explorer - Find the right commands you need without digging through the web.

gitexplorer.com / Direktlink

Another link that goes directly to my bookmarks. Although I consider myself to be relatively safe with terminal and git commands, it still happens often enough that I have to search for commands that I don't use often. Git Explorer could be very handy here.

I'd like to see more complex commands like changing an upstream branch or emptying a Git Cache, but especially for Git beginners I imagine this page to be very useful.

By the way - the Typewriter effect is very exhausting.

Atomic Design is messy, here's what I prefer

dennisreimann.de / Direktlink

Der Dennis beschreibt was ihm an Atomic Design stört und was er besser machen würde. Unter anderem spricht er ein ständiges Dilemma an:

A question which I bet has been asked in every team that applies atomic design: “Is this thing a molecule or an organism?”
And in fact: What makes something “small” or “big”? Is it the number of elements or other components it includes? The type of subparts it contains? The visual space it takes up on the screen?


bradfrost.com / Direktlink

“Just” makes me feel like an idiot. “Just” presumes I come from a specific background, studied certain courses in university, am fluent in certain technologies, and have read all the right books, articles, and resources. “Just” is a dangerous word.

What’s the Deal with Margin Collapse?

jonathan-harrell.com / Direktlink

The concept of margin collapse is foundational to an understanding of the box model in CSS, but it is actually quite complex and potentially confusing. The spec describing how margin collapse works is thorough but difficult to understand. This article is an attempt to give some visual examples to the concepts from the specs.

The basic idea behind margin collapse is that if two margins are adjoining, they will collapse into one margin, which will have the greater of the two margin values (it will be the more negative of the margins if both margins are negative).

Designing Button States

cloudfour.com / Direktlink

Buttons are a staple of any design system. The best ones are simple, versatile, maybe even a little fun. But there’s a lot of hidden complexity in these jolly, candylike controls and toggles… complexity that’s easy to overlook when we focus on the same old default and hover states in our designs.
In truth, mouse effects are probably the least important state to design for. By accounting for more functional states early, you can lower the need for costly redesigns as your pattern library matures.

via @brad_frost

Ack for CSS Developers

csswizardry.com / Direktlink

I use Ack as part of auditing a project, or when trying to find my way around a larger codebase. It’s also pretty useful for tracking down bugs and oddities. In this short post, we’ll look at a small number of ways CSS developers can make use of Ack in their workflow.

Ich bin zwar eher ein Fan von Ag statt Ack, aber alles was Harry hier anmerkt sollte auch in Ag funktionieren.